Choreographic Research Platform

Per_Dance Platform experiments with various forms, tools, devices and media of choreographic practice while following an interdisciplinary approach which invites a dialogue with different artistic fields.

The name comes from the interplay of the words Perception _ Dance _ Per Se.

the body, present in time and space places references, narratives, meanings of dance to the dance itself inviting performers, choreographer, audience to follow processes of a personal dance becoming.

Artistic Director: Eleonora Siarava

Artistic vision
& practice

Eleonora Siarava, as a choreographer, maps the land in-between abstraction and expressiveness. In her work, stage and site-specific, her intention is to create enigmatic~ multilayered~ non-intellectually mediated~ performances carrying various levels of interpretation both for performers and audience through the experimentation with the relationship between aesthetic forms, experiential awareness, real and imaginary spaces, multisensory perception, atmospheres.

She explores the cinematographic dimension of dance, moving and perceptual patterns, ritualistic repetition, overlapping times. Her dance making vision plays on the edge of minimalism and exhaustion, of “being” and “embodying”, of dream-like atmosphere and structure, of poetic and sensorial.