a noise in my eye

A noise in my eye is a group work for 7 dancers which explore ways of embodiment in a context of restriction, transition and escape. It is inspired by the film of Peter Weird “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (1975). The movie is about a group of schoolgirls who mysteriously vanish during a picnic on “Hanging Rock” area at Valentine’s Day on 1900 and it is a comment on the transition from childhood to female experience and the escape from the world of social conventions to the irrational world of unconscious. Also, it is a critique towards the mechanisms of domination and internalization of self-control. However the piece challenges the notion of narration as it borrows the cinematographic aesthetic qualities and some shadowy references and fragments. The piece emphasizes instead on the “atmosphere” created as it basically experiments with its impact on senses, perceptual principles and cognitive functions both of performers and audience. Repetitive cognitive and physical patterns, constructed in a mathematical way as well as the chaos and the same time the harmony which characterize the world of Geometry and Physics create a tricky visual endless, a ground for infinite potentials to unfold, get multiplied, diversified. The piece makes use of perceptual functions such as the cognitive rest and the addiction evoked by a hypnotizing repetition, the intense continuity in interaction with strong pauses, the alert and the unpredictability that stillness or moving patterns of moderate complexity can cause both to dancers and spectators. The devising of the moving material draws from somatic practices informing form and is based on the periodical circulation of the body fluids that allow the preservation and recycling of body’s  moving energy. The dancers following a mesmerizing repetition balance between trapping and reprocessing this energy and being trapped by that. The piece holds a close relationship with musicality and rhythmical and with soundless and silence as well. Finding ways to cross internal and external rhythm each performer is asked to maintain its individuality while simultaneously break and get incorporated again into the tight moving structure of the piece like a visual pulse in a landscape of clarity, plainness, infinity..


-Make>shift Festival (2010), Ellen Terry Theatre, Coventry
-Moving out Festival (2010), EllenTerry Theatre, Coventry


Choreography/Direction: Eleonora Siarava
Performers: Kerry Allsop, Sarah Hale, Hannah McBrien, Hayley Ross, Eleonora Siarava, Stephanie Townsend, Evelyn Tuul
Music editing: Juri Vagner
Lighting: Hayley Bull, Cath Cullinane
Technical support: Cath Cullinane