Artistic Vision and Practice

Eleonora's artistic work is based on a practice-based interdisciplinary research. As a choreographer, she maps the land between abstract pure dance and expressiveness aiming to challenge the notion of theatricality. Her intention is to make multilayered dance pieces carrying various levels of interpretation non-intellectually mediated. She experiments with the cinematographic dimension of dance, aesthetic formalism, the relation between moving and perceptual patterns, ritualistic repetition, the kinesthetic conceptualization of movement.
She is being inspired from Gothic for the revealment of the double nature of self and the unconscious aspect of experience, from Impressionism for the perceptual pulse, geometry and mathematics for the gaming with preciseness and predictability. Her approach is highly informed by somatic practices and visual imagery techniques and also by cognitive psychology, perception theories and neuroaesthetics which are nothing else but tools that enhance body - mind awareness from a different pathway.
These two perspectives combined offer an insight to the "somatic" aspect of the movement practice allowing to approach physicality as a product of consciousness, introspection and reflection. Her dance making vision plays on the edge of minimalism and exhaustion, of magical and scientific, of "being" and "embodying", of dream-like atmosphere and structure, of poetic and sensorial.