‘Let’s Improv it’ Research Project
ColLaboratoire – CogNovo Multidisciplinary Summer School
 Plymouth University, August 2016

‘Let’s Improv it’ Research Project was held as part of ColLaboratoire Summer School of CogNovo. A week of movement exploration through collaborative practices and research on the concepts of embodied cognition, improvisation, kinesthetic empathy, physical touch and space awareness was followed by an open “presentation”; A non-verbal, collective facilitation of an experiential, somatic movement session.

Facilitators: Klara Łucznik, Abigail Jackson, Eleonora Siarava, Coralie Valentyn, Irene Pujol Torras, Aska Sakuta

From the website of ColLaboratoire

In our research project, we focused on basic human abilities to understand ourselves and each other on the level of actions, intentions, and emotional states. We explored the role and perception of the emotional aspects of physical touch and the ability to touch each other through space. We explored how kinaesthetic empathy allows us to understand others through embodied knowledge of our own states. As a result, we invited all ColLaboratoire participants on the last day to take a part in a 20-minute somatic movement experience. We shared our insights and reflection through embodied practice in darkness and silence, trusting the idea that much of the key knowledge in our lives is gained through experience. This way of sharing, which was novel for most in the group, was very well received, and gave participants a new way to relate to touch, their own bodies and the space between each other. Our research, as well as the influence of the summer school’s topics and the group’s social dynamics resonated through the movement of the group, creating a unique experience of sharing the space though individual and collective choices, finally resolving in togetherness in movement and rest.