E-motional landscapes

‘E-motional landscapes’ examines the connection between imaginative and emotional perception, and the actual physical space throughout moving body. It researches answers to the questions about perception of realities in their characteristics. This action of sensing and mapping the space is visualized with technology like motion capturing system.

Concept and choreography: Outi Elena Valanto
Performers: Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Deva Schubert, Eleonora Siarava

Tanzhaus NRW, Dusseldorf, October 2019

The project is part of the international residency project MOVING DIGITS at Tanzhaus NRW

Mixed Reality and dance are the topics of the international residence project MOVING DIGITS. An international group of choreographers and dancers, selected through an international Open Call, experiment with digital technology, its dimensions in dance art and strategies involving the audience. Software specialists from both Düsseldorf University’s media and visualization department and the Portuguese Institute for interactive technology develop the prototypes in collaboration with the artists. Following residencies in Tallinn and Funchal, the projects in development continue in Düsseldorf, showing first working results from research, concluding with the final presentation in Tallinn in 2020.