Eleonora Siarava is choreographer, performer and dance researcher. She graduated with Distinction from Coventry University (UK) acquiring an MA in “Dance Making and Performance” with a focus on reflective methods of dance composition and on somatic practices. She has attended classes at the Choreographic Centre of La Rochelle (France) and she completed the on-line educational program of the California Institute of Arts “Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works”. She also holds a BA in Psychology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) with a specialization on Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology and Neurosciences. As a choreographer she has presented her work at Make>Shift Festival (Coventry 2010), Moving Out Festival (Coventry 2010), Espacio 3-Kodra Festival (Thessaloniki 2011), contACT#3-Cross My Art Festival (Thessaloniki 2011), Dance Days (Chania 2012), 11th and 13th Festival of Greek Choreographers (Athens 2012, Thessaloniki 2014), International Conference of Society of Dance History Scholars / Congress of Research (Athens 2015), Megaron Concert Hall of Thessaloniki (2016). As a performer she has worked with Meghan Flanigan in Making Space Festival (Coventry 2010) and with Cathy Washbrooke in the Dance Summer School of the University of Bedfordshire (2010). Moreover she participated in “Site Echoes” presented at Inside Out Festival (in association with Coventry School of Art and Design) at the Edge (Birmingham 2010). In Greece she has collaborated with Future Mellon for the 2th Dance Festival of Lazaristes and with Adrasteia Dance Theatre for the 2th Festival of Contemporary Dance of Thessaloniki. She also had a secondary acting as a dancer in the film of director Theodoros Aggelopoulos “The Weeping Meadow” (2004). She has taught the course of Psychology/Pedagogy of Dance at the Higher Professional Dance School of Thessaloniki and she cooperated with the National Centre for Youth of Greece for an artistic project specialized in dance. Currently, she is PhD Candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Department of Theatre researching “Expressiveness in Abstract Dance: The choreographic synthesis and the possibilities provided by the Psychology of Perception and Neuroaesthetics”. Her research refers to the concept of visual imagery, the relationship between aesthetic forms and experiental awareness, the connection between cognitive principles, moving patterns and kinesthetic empathy. She has been also chosen for stART Fellowship Program (a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the German Network of Community Art Centers) in Germany where she presented the community site-specific performance co-topia (2015). In the period 2016-2017 she is going to make part of her research at Giessen University and the Department for Contemporary Dance at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt with an Erasmus+ Grant. Moreover, she was offered a full scholarship to attend the summer school ColLaboratoire/CogNovo at Plymouth University /UK aiming to approach creativity through interdisciplinarity(August 2016). At the moment she is preparing a new site specific movement performance entitled “windowless” for the 51th Festival of Dimitria of the city of Thessaloniki. She is the artistic director of Per_Dance, a platform of choreographic research that was found as part of her doctoral artistic research.