Feuillet Notation System


“Embodying Abstraction” movement composition workshop

Delivered at the SDHS/CORD* Annual Conference “Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity”
*Society of Dance History Scholars / Congress of Research
Athens 2015, Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre


This workshop aims to synthesize samples of notation systems and scores. The intention is not to reconstruct the represented dance pieces but rather to approach them as blank sheet and suggest an innovative reading (this is also related with the notion of post-history) along with the experimentation with choreographic devices and compositional practices. Notation is considered to be an attempt to document faithfully the dance- work while score notes and drawings remain mostly to the personal sphere of creation. We will try to re-find the boundaries between the two. The participants as will explore the limits and the connections between the individual history and the collective history, the present and the temporal time, the concept of “being” into the personal and the universal space. There will be a reference to scientific Theories of Art Perception that study the inherent expressiveness in the morphological elements of art like shape, form, orientation in space, light, dynamics, directions. Similarly, the emphasis will be put primarily on the abstract features of the notations/score drawings. The arising sensory inputs will inform a moving exploration that will acquire both an imaginary quality and an intellectual/cognitive dimension. Carrying their own References and Narratives, participants will map the process of how such abstract information can produce an embodied experience.