It is a movement performance that experiments with visual and kinesthetic perception of motion, time and relationships developed in space. The bodies of the four dancers with their own moving language meet, exchange and interact following one another. At the same time, the performance unfolds in a mesmerizing dream-like atmosphere that suggests symbolic images allowing multiple levels of reading and interpretation to emerge. Important elements of the project are the interactive part with the audience through a perceptive trick that transforms the sense of the two-dimensional space to a three-dimensional experience, the challenge of the meeting points between visual perception and kinesthetic empathy and also the role of lighting as a performer. It is an outcome of structured improvisation while the creative process (for the performers) and the process of attendance (for the audience) resemble to the stages of chaos, composition, deconstruction and reconstitution in a perpetual rotation.

Choreography/Direction: Eleonora Siarava
Performers: Eleni Valkani, Efi Vedinoglou, Faidra Charalampidou, Viky Hatzi
Light Performance: Athanasios Alexopoulos
Costumes: Marialena Chrisogonidou
Photos: Tasos Thomoglou, Alkis Tsolrinis

Premiered at BlackBox Theatre, Thessaloniki 2015