Moving and Choreographing in the Third Space [seminar] at:

  • Professional Training for the Tanznetz | Freiburg
    E-WERK Freiburg (Germany), February 2019
  • Das Plateau, Contemporary Dance Network
    Frankfurt, October 2019

Collaborative teaching: Eleonora Siarava – Ioulia Kokkokiou

What if the space was a live, movable, transformable landscape of an active co-creation? What if it was not an empty, passive and negative container? What if it was not the space of one’s body or another but it was their mutual space? Inspired by Homi K. Bhabha* and his concept of the Third Space, these classes introduce a different perspective towards space and its connection with bodies and objects. According to Bhabha, the Third Space lies in between two or more cultural systems. Transferring this analogy to dance, the genesis of a new approach based not only to the spaces occupied by single bodies but to the intermediary space is the basic goal. Methodologically, we work with improvisation tasks and choreographic scores. The reason for choosing this structure lies on the fact that both education and choreography seek to find their in between affiliation. Through the aforementioned way of transmission, we investigate the spaces existing in-between bodies, bodies and objects, bodies and spatial structures. Specific interest is placed on the idea that neither bodies nor spaces are fixed entities but they are constantly moving. In addition to this, we investigate various dynamics and qualities of the moving body and how their change influences the space. Therefore, the classes allow the participants to enter these physical, geometrical, imaginary spaces in between two or more entities, reveal the moving events taking place, explore the new bodily and spatial possibilities and experiment with the emerging choreographic structures.
*Homi K. Bhabha (1949-) is a postcolonial thinker who introduced the idea of the Third Space and cultural hybridity

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