site specific performance

This is a site specific dance-theatre solo piece which reverses the fairy taleof the Little Red Riding Hood. Through a psychoanalytic approach to unconscious, the conventional narrative structure is being challenged and leaves space for deconstruction. By the use of voice and repetitive moving patterns that are being developed to a climax,”woods” becomes a -multisensory perceptual- ritual. With references to Gothic and with its enigmatic lyrism it excites the irrational world of emotions, it creates a mystic atmosphere and constitutes an allegory about the things that holds us back and the things that are left behind..

Concept, choreography, performance:  Eleonora Siarava
Lighting:  flashlights design (as we originally use wandering at the woods)


Presented in a 3X3 room of an almost abandoned building

“Espacio 3” – Imaginaria Art Festival (April 2011), Kodra Space, Thessaloniki