form/RELAY/content – Köln, Germany (April 2023)

Eleonora Siarava was selected to present her choreographic research UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more in a form of a participatory Choreographic Atelier in the Symposium form/RELAY/content.




ZZT/Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln – University for Contemporary Dance Cologne, April 2023


RELAY is part of the three-years EU-funded research project RELAY – Thinking Artistic Material in Music and Dance, supported by the ERASMUS+ programme “Cooperation Partnerships”.


Partner institutions: The Danish National School of Performing Arts, University of Music and Dance Cologne, The National University of Music Bucharest – The Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia Center, The National Dance Center Bucharest, Sikinnis Heraklion