A Noise in my Eye

Dance performance

Dance performance

A noise in my eye is a group work for 7 dancers exploring ways of embodiment in a context of restriction, transition and escape. Hypnotizing repetition, intense continuity and sudden pauses bear references to the irrational world of unconscious while movement patterns constructed to resemble the chaos and the harmony of mathematics, geometry and physics create a visual endless.

The piece holds a close relationship with musicality, rhythm and silence. Finding ways to cross internal and external rhythm each performer is asked to maintain her individuality by freely breaking away and getting incorporated again into the overall moving structure of the piece. And so move like a visual pulse in a landscape of clarity, abstraction, infinity.


The piece was presented at:

Make>shift Festival (2010), Ellen Terry Theatre, Coventry

Moving out Festival (2010), EllenTerry Theatre, Coventry

Choreography-direction: Eleonora Siarava
Performers: Kerry Allsop, Sarah Hale, Hannah McBrien, Hayley Ross, Eleonora Siarava, Stephanie Townsend, Evelyn Tuul
Light Design: Cath Cullinane
Technical support: Cath Cullinane