The Body and the Other~

Dance performance / Choreographic installation

Dance performance / Choreographic installation

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The Body and the Other~ is a dance performance / choreographic installation about the multiple body as a physical, digital and hybrid in-between corporeality placed in a mixed reality topology and time capsule. There, temporal linearity is shattered and digital algorithms create random, past, present and future blendings. Through an experimental scenography involving video, projection mapping and motion tracking technologies and the use of surfaces, objects and materials that follow their own technology and potential of movement, the aim is to unfold a performance as an unpredictable and unprescribed living entity with autonomous choreographic dramaturgy. By revealing what escapes or slips away from technology, The Body and the Other~ invites the elusive real in a piece based on an interplay between tactility and emptiness, appearing and disappearing imagery, absence and presence, with the moving body as a mediator and reminder of the deep human essence.


The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Eleonora Siarava / Per_Dance Choreographic Research Platform and the Mixed Reality and Visualization Team / Department of Media, Düsseldorf University, co-funded by the program “Transfer International” of NRW KULTURsekretariat, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and i-Portunus project (Creative Europe) and with the support of Tanzhaus NRW in the framework of Temps d’Images Festival.

Premier at Temps d’ Images Festival, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf (January 2020).

Concept-choreography-artistic direction: Eleonora Siarava
Dancers: Mina Ananiadou (GR), Yana Novotorova (DE/UKR)
Digital artist: Naoto Hieda (DE/JPN)
Technology Development: Mixed Reality and Visualization Team [MIREVI]
Sound Design: Jonas Knohl (DE)
Costumes-external eye: Anne Weyler (DE)
Project Coordinator: Ivana Druzetic (DE/ΗR)