UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more¬

Choreographic Atelier / Performance

Choreographic Atelier / Performance

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UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more
Choreographic Atelier & Performance


form/RELAY/content – Artistic Material in Music and Dance
Center for Contemporary Dance – University of Music and Dance Cologne, Germany 2023

UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more¬ is an ongoing choreographic research project experimenting with Scores & Choreographic Objects as tools for choreographic composition, performativity and methodological approaches to the creative process.


As scores can function various forms of instructions, directions, exercises, protocols, themes and variations, graphic representations, symbols, codes, drawings, images, arrangements of information, sounds. Choreographic objects are open systems with internal principles extended beyond physical boundaries referring to an expanded choreography, a way of composing concepts, bodies, objects, spaces.


Through movement exploration with choreographic devices and experimentation with performing possibilities, imaginary scenarios and creative strategies, the aim is to delve into dance as a dynamic condition of spatio-temporal events, unfold a series of phenomena taking place in the body-mind topography, question what is so-called choreographic thought and study practices of artistic creation.


Participants, through open and more structured tasks, are invited to inhabit the performative landscape, play with contents, construction-deconstruction of space, live variable scenographies, create choreographic images, choreographed spaces.

Artistic research-design: Eleonora Siarava

Partner institutions: The Danish National School of Performing Arts, University of Music and Dance Cologne, The National University of Music Bucharest – The Electroacustic Music And Multimedia Center, The National Dance Center Bucharest, Sikinnis, The National University of Theatre and Film-Romania.

RELAY is a three-year EU-funded research project supported by ERASMUS+


UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more¬ is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece



Photos: Studio Pramudiya