UnderScore, Choreographic objects and more

Choreographic research project

Choreographic research project

The program is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece for 2021-2022

Artistic residency at Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens 2022


UnderScore is an ongoing practice based choreographic research project studying the concepts of score and choreographic object as tools for choreographic composition, as representations of embodied technologies, as devices for the production of new material. It also seeks to collect, experiment and systematize methodological approaches to the creative process.


Through the experimentation with choreographic structures, performing possibilities, imaginary scenarios and creative strategies the idea is to delve into dance as a dynamic condition of spatio-temporal events, unfold a series of phenomena taking place in the body-mind topography, question what is so-called choreographic thought and explore practices of artistic creation.

Concept-design-artistic direction: Eleonora Siarava
Production: Per_Dance Choreographic Research Platform


Within the framework of the project are planned a series of workshops, labs, ateliers.


Residency at Duncan Dance Center


Participant dance artists: Natalia Baka, Sonia Ntova, Maria Pisiou