Embodying Abstraction

Choreographic Lab

Choreographic Lab

Abstraction is often identified with blankness, nothingness, emptiness. However, for this project abstraction carries open interpretations, multiple meanings, various layers of references and the aim is to reveal that potential.


Embodying Abstraction is an ongoing movement research on creative experimentation with choreographic scores, graphic symbols, notation systems, image schemas, geometric forms, words, diagrams, visual representations and their transformation into movement. 


By proposing new reflective ways of seeing, with an emphasis on visualization which is a dynamic process opposed to sight, participants are invited to generate physical action from images and discover the inherent expressiveness in shapes, forms, orientation in space, light, dynamics, directions. 


Through structured tasks and improvisation material that trigger visual perception, active subjectivity and embodiment, the objective is to explore compositional devices and spatiotemporal choreographic practices.

Embodying Abstraction has been presented as Dance Composition LAB at:


  1. Theatre Studies Department, Direction of Dance
    University of Peloponnese, Guest lecture, 2018

  2. International Conference “Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity” organized by SDHS/Society of Dance History Scholars and CORD/Congress of Research in Dance
    Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, Athens 2015

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