The Space Unfinished

Performance / Installation

Performance / Installation

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This project explores the use of space as a -time travelling- content and container of bodies and movements. It aims to create an interplay between the performer, the space and the spectators called to react also as “performing bodies”. As a live part of an interactive scenography setting of multiple three-dimensional spaces, audience has the free choice to move or not.

At the same time, the focus is put on the revealment of the process that produces the artwork as an embodied rendition of the artist’s creative state.

Does the artist’s conception can ever come to realization? Or is the spectator’s eye/body that “finishes” the artwork in a space either limited or perpetually expanded?

In the context of Performing ArchitecturesNational Theatre of Northern Greece, March 2016.

Concept-performance: Eleonora Siarava 

Photos by Panagiotis Andrianos